Testimonials about Dr. Bruce

"The foundations and fundamentals I learned from Dr. Bruce Eskovitz at a very critical stage in my musical development gave me a better foundation than I ever could have asked for. Learning from Eskovitz' decades of experience as a top-level saxophonist, composer, arranger and educator set the stage for real, rapid improvement, without shortcuts. Dr. Bruce will teach you the real way to learn the music and take your musicianship and musicality to new levels quickly."   Isaac Wilson, Windward School, New England Conservatory,
Berklee School of Music, Professional Musician.

“...I got a solid foundation in the discipline required to reach a professional level in my craft. His expansive knowledge of the various woodwinds and his skillful teaching style launched me into a decades-long curiosity and study of music which has taken me around the world and landed me on countless stages and in countless studios.”  Evan Francis, Crossroads School, Professional Musician, 
University of Southern California 

"When it comes to finding someone, who is not only a teacher, but also a mentor, Dr. Bruce is the best of the best. Dr. B believes in his students 100%, and provides the skills and support necessary to go from being a good musician, to a great one! I would not be the musician I am today without his guidance!"  -Samantha Spector, Windward School, Princeton Univ. 

"I studied with Dr. Bruce in both a jazz ensemble and a private lesson setting. At that point, I had been playing gigs of all shapes and sizes for years. In the ensemble Bruce curated a selection of tunes that provided a foundation for us to study, analyze and strengthen our jazz history, our theory, our reading, and our soloing abilities. Blues, the great American song book, Swing, and Bebop were all on the menu. He encouraged us to transcribe, analyze, and learn the classic solos for these tunes (Miles, Parker, Dexter, etc.). As an ensemble director, he emphasized knowing the tune, knowing your parts, and above all “listening to one another”. After all music is a conversation between players of the group. During the course of the ensemble classes I can say that we all become better players. Oh. And by the way we had fun. As a private saxophone student, we delved further into the physical and mental mechanics of playing the instrument - tone, technique, and sound. We also studied the foundational aspects of jazz theory and tune structure. Understanding scales and their usage, patterns / lines and their applications. Sharing experiences of gigging and the learnings produced from them. Above all Dr Bruce emphasized developing your own voice. We all have our own gifts and strengths to contribute to the mosaic of music that we create within ourselves and with others. I became a better player and musician as a result and highly recommend Dr. Bruce as a mentor/teacher."   Ken Pace,  Director of Information Technology at Universal Music and Video Distribution 

"As a professional classical musician from the Marcel Mule School of saxophone, I studied with Bruce for a year as he coached me to prepare for my auditions into the USC Masters in Jazz program. I found his boundless energy infectious.  He has created a music studio with all the latest in recording equipment; you can play along with tracks, record your own, and analyse them together, which is one of the best ways to really comprehend where you are in your own work.  Bruce provides compilations of excellent materials and transcriptions for your individual level.  Each week, I went home energized to work on the next project. At the successful completion of my final concert, Dr. Bruce Eskovitz was one of three people to whom I dedicated the Masters recital.   -Nancy Newman, Professional Saxophonist 

"Dr. Eskovitz was an invaluable mentor to me as an undergraduate saxophone student. His teaching displayed a thorough understanding of my individual needs, incorporating a wide range of techniques, concepts and modalities that I continue to apply in my own teaching. Bruce modeled the type of skillset and work ethic that are required to achieve success in the music industry, and was always generous in offering me the supplemental resources necessary for my personal growth. His door was always open and I considered him part of my support system as a young man."   -Jordan Wardlaw, University of Southern California, Professional Musician 

"Dr. Bruce is knowledgeable and passionate about music, an amazing saxophonist, and a gifted teacher. Dr. Bruce can demystify complex concepts and provide memorable and meaningful instruction to any student who is committed to learning. "
-Stephanie Middler, University of Southern California,  Program Manager, Major Technology Company 

"Dr. Bruce was an extraordinary bandleader, jazz instructor, and a mentor to me for 6 years. He has built an incredible jazz department at Windward School. I highly recommend him!! Great teacher, killer musician, his bar is high, and you’ll learn a lot." 
-  Valentina Shelton, Windward School, University of Miami, budding professional musician.

"I studied with Dr. Bruce for several years and found him to be a consummate professional that was focused on my competency on the alto saxophone and enhancing my ability to improvise. His guidance significantly contributed to my overall musicianship as well as my appreciation of the various jazz idioms." - Jerry Bible, Retired, Senior Contracting Manager at a Major Aerospace Firm

“Dr. Bruce modeled the type of skillset and work ethic that are required to achieve success in the music industry...” 
Evan Francis, Crossroads School, Professional Musician,   University of Southern California 

“Challenging   -  Organized -   Energetic -  Disciplined”  -Nancy Newman, University of Southern California, Professional Saxophonist 

“His teaching displayed a thorough understanding of my individual needs, incorporating a wide range of techniques, concepts and modalities”   -Jordan Wardlaw, University of Southern California, Professional Musician